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"Oil Hawg"

"Kwik Sorb"



  • Pads
  • Booms
  • Socks
  • Rolls
  • Pillows
  • Drip Pans
  • Spill Kits
  • Degreaser
  • Oil Eating Microbes
  • "Sal - Bond"
    • (Salt Water Spills)

BioSolvent can be used in conjunction with our other products, but it is not a component of any kind.
BioSolvent should be diluted to 1:6 before spraying it in the water. The 1:6 ratio is still a very strong working solution. Always, always apply with forced agitation…!!!
Some bubbles are common with this use, but will disperse very quickly.
If using to clean oil from animals, dilute 1:15, and rinse thoroughly before setting the animal free.
If using on ducks, in particular, you must allow time for them to regain their own skin oil before releasing them to the water, as they will sink. BioSolve is safe enough for the animals to ingest. It only cleans out their digestive tract, but again, must be diluted.
When sprayed on oil with forced agitation it breaks down the hydrocarbons almost immediately. Turning it into triglycerides of fatty acids. (Not petroleum any longer)  A super good food source for bacteria of ALL kinds. (Preferably the non-pathogenic M2 kind) harmless to plant and animal life.
“Oil Hawg”   

Oil Hawg absorbent can be used on water as well as on land. If you have intentions of absorbing the oil and then picking it up to be placed in a centrifuge. You can reclaim about 70% of the oil back out of it. After washing it, it can be reused 3 times before it falls apart. If it sinks it will turn the oil into a substance that resembles coffee grounds, which can be used as a safe food source to be eaten by sea life. Oil Hawg’s components are: 
Cotton & Cotton Seed
Mixture of selected nutrients, Pre-Nutrients, Oxygen providers, Enzyme, Precovers & Organics to enhance Bioremediation.
Metabolic & Facultative catalytic enzymes in an organic solvent solution.
Note:  All of our products are Biodegradable. Harmless to plant & Animal life.




Oil Hawg (30 lb Bioremediating Particulate Oil Absorbent) particulate oil absorbent is a natural organic fiber that self remediates, which means it restores a surface to acceptable levels for all plants and animals. Inoculated with microbes along with essential nutrients, Oil Hawg enhances the bioremediation process in hydrocarbon based spills on land or water.

*An excellent oil absorbent which encapsulates and retains a wide variety of oils and chemicals.

*Is inoculated with microbes along with essential nutrients that enhance the bioremediation process in hydrocarbon-based spills on soil or water.

*Hydrophobic - will remain afloat for long periods, allowing for easy recovery.

*100% Biodegradable.

*Restores surface to acceptable levels


*Lightweight bags that can be transported to the site with ease

*The encapsulating material can be spread over large areas or broadcast into hard-to-reach areas.

*Oil Hawg can be broadcast over open contaminated water or pools with no loss of effectiveness (it will give up water in order to absorb the oils).

*Once applied, Oil Hawg can be picked up with a shovel, skimmer, etc., for containing the bioremediation.

*Cost efficient when compared to other remediation materials and methods.

*By using in situ (in place) bioremediation treatment at the spill site, the need for soil removal, transportation, disposal and soil replacement is eliminated.

*Also known as OilHawg, Oil Hog Oil Hogg

Disposal Options

*Landfill - Oil Hawg is all natural, non-toxic and will biodegrade without leaching.

*Incineration - When incinerated, Oil Hawg has a very low ash content (1.6% ash remaining), combined with a very high BTU rating (7560 BTU). OIL Oil Hawg may be incinerated and, as an energy source, contributes approximately 7,000 BTU/Lb. during the incineration process. Since Oil Hawg contains no clay, there is no production of unwanted emissions and yields less than 5% ash. This reduction in volume can significantly reduce your over-all disposal transportation costs.

Similar in action to Perlite (Pearlite), Diatomaceous Earth, Sand, Dirt, Dry Protein and other natural fiber, Oil Hawg absorbs approximately two (2) times it's own weight in Oil, Grease, Crude Petroleum, Solvents and Industrial mixtures of hydrocarbons.

Oil Hawg is a natural organic fiber that will self-bioremediate, with the proper moisture present (30-50%). It contains indigenous microorganisms, like most natural fibers. In creating Oil Hawg, we have added selected elements to make our product the best tool for Bioremediationalists and clean-up crews to collect and contain such wastes as petroleum spills, commercial greases and solvents.

Not only does it collect in water/oil, grease, crude petroleum, petroleum solvents, etc.; it resists their displacement (leaching) when flushing with water occurs. Oil Hawg will give up water to absorb hydrocarbons even if saturated with water; allowing it to absorb hydrocarbons and can be centrifuged to collect approximately 60% of the spill.

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